New in 2015 to 2011

Four years is not a short period of time.There has been some changes etiquette since then .Today we shall look into some of the rules which are modified and different to 2011 World cup.


In the event of tie in 2007,Bowl out method is used to declare a winner.It has changed to super over in 2011 World cup.If in case of a tie this time,there will be super over only in final of world cup.It does not apply to quarters or in semis.The teams which performed better in group stages will advance.

New balls from both the ends

This is one of the change effected one day International very much.New ball is being used from both ends.In 2011 New ball can be taken after 34 overs.As two different balls being used,The ball isn’t getting older, this reduces impact of part-timers on the game.We all are aware how much Yuvraj made an impact on 2011 world cup.


Spinners are pivotal in 2011 world cup.But, 2015 world cup will be hosted by Australia and New zealand which are generally batting amicable pitches. And ICC has become very much adamant about chucking.They have recently banned bowlers from bowling at international level.Sead Ajmal,M Hafeez are some of prominent names among the list.

Power play

Mandatory power play of 10 overs hasn’t changed .There used to be 2 power plays in 2011, one is batting power play,second is bowling power play.This time there is only one power play which will be in the hands of batting team.It should be completed by 40th over which implicates it should be taken by 36 Th over.In mandatory power-play,only two fielders are allowed outside the in-circle and in batting power play 3 fielder are allowed outside the in-circle.

Which is bad for ardent Indian fans is that their favourite player Sachin tendulkar isn’t playing this world cup.He retired from international cricket couple of years back.He has been nominated brand ambassador for 2015 edition of world cup.