Possible Knock out probabilities

Cricinfiscores StoryWe are into last three day of league game is world cup.There are only seven matches renaming.All Teams who progressed are confirmed abd their positions are yet to be known from Pool A.It is the same scenario in group unless and until miracle happen.After Srilanka defeating Scotland by humongous margin has made their position unclear in pool A.

From PoolA

New Zealand who are the first team to qualify and are Immune to Number one position .All the other three berths are confirmed but not their position and lets look into some of the positions.

If Scotland produce an upset and Bangladesh wins Against New Zealand

Scotland are already out of the tournament and they play their last game against might Aussies.If they manage to secure a win which is next to impossible and Bangladesh manage to create another upset to NZ as they did to England,then table will be like following.

Team Points
NZ 10
Bangladesh 9
Srilanka 8
Australia 7

This is the Scenario which all the Indian Fans hate as they don’t want India to face Aussies so early.

If Scotland and Bangladesh lose to Aussies and NZ respectively

If the group stage progresses with out any upsets,then the points table will be following.

Team Points
NZ 12
Australia 9
Srilanka 8
Bangladesh 7

This is a very much positive result from Indian perspective.( This is most likely to happen according to our cricinfiscores)

If Bangladesh lose and Scotland wins

Team Points
NZ 12
Srilanka 10
Australia 07
Bangladesh 07

Both Australia and Bangladesh will end up with 7 points each ,Australia will be ranked higher due to better run rate.In the above two cases India can face Aussies in Final only,which is a great news if you are a Indian fan

Lets Look into bit convoluted scenario of Pool B

India are immune to other results for Number one Position.South Africa are number 2 with 8 points after winning against U.A.E.Last two places are open for three teams(PAK,WI,IRE). all the three teams have 6 points in their shell and Pakistan are in better position as the have good run rate,which confirms their birth unless some miracle happens

Scenario 1

If Ireland Wins against Pakistan.

If Ireland can cause an upset to Pak as they did in 2007,they will staright away qualify for knock-out.

Team Points
India 12/10
SA 8
Ireland 8
Pak 6

Even if WI win against UAE in this case.,They will be eliminated as Pak has far better run rate than WIndies.

If If Pak Wins And Windies Win

Team Points
India 12/10
SA 8
Pak 8
Windies 6

Windies are going to Qualify as Windies have better run rate than Irish.(This cricinfoscores most probable end to table B)

If Windies lose

If windies lose against Scotland,then both both Ireland and Pak progress.

Team Points
India 10/12
SA 8
Pak/Ire(WIn of pak vs Ireland) 8
Pak/Ire(loser of Pak Vs IRE) 6